Midget fuse MF552 series, maximum working voltage 300VAC&250VDC, rated current 40A~100A

2021-09-24 电安科技
Midget fuse,MF552,MF552AXXXP1,MF552AXXXP2

DA Technology launched the MF552 fuse, the maximum working voltage is 300VAC &150VDC, the rated current is 40A-100A, and there are two installation methods of pin type and L-shaped foot.


Product  Features:

· Maximum working voltage: 300VAC/150VDC

· 40A~100A high current range

· RoHS compliant, halogen-free, lead-free

· PCB pin installation/L-shaped foot installation


Applications of MF551 series fuse:

· Energy storage equipment

· Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

· Inverter, rectifier

· Motor protection

· Charging pile module


Electrical characteristics:

Electrical Specification :

Part Numbering system:



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