As a professional on Demand Creation distributor, Sekorm business base on unique model, the world's leading To B business model: R&D service e-commerce PaaS+ advanced technology distribution platform. 30 years strong design win experience. We are now helping 320+ global brands to penetrate/promote, sell their products to more than 6,000 Chinese hardware innovation customers on IoT, IIoT, Automotive, ICT, etc.

Our strengths

Digital Marketing: Build strong internet competitiveness

  • 100,000 active registered customers on platform
  • Spread NPI and supplier’s brand rapidly over the whole internet
  • Massive sample/SKU generate 10/100 times opportunities than traditional
  • Digital marketing capabilities amplify supplier resource and reduce costs

Best Demand-Creation Distributor

  • 30 years professional tech service
  • Serve 6000+ hardware innovation customers
  • Expand market share, gain massive DI/DW

Company Profile

  • Industry: Global electronic components distributor
  • Founded: 1993
  • Headquarter: Shenzhen, China
  • Employees: 700+
  • 2020 Sales Revenue: US$250 million

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