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Sekorm Introduction

Sekorm realizes 100,000 Design in projects every year, and its products quickly penetrate 10,000 TOP customers, which has resulted in rapid growth in performance.
The market covers 5 hot industries

Consumer Internet of Things (IoT), Information and Communication (ICT), Automobiles and New Energy Vehicles, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT),
Equipment and Power Electronics

  • Distributor for 500 top brands worldwide
  • Serve 10000 top innovative customers in China

Why Sekorm?

  • New Product Information

    Publish new product and application info on the platform, cover full Internet SEO

  • Sample Express

    Operating of sample warehouse helps save storage & cost for suppliers and generate more DW,let all R&D engineers quickly obtain samples, generate 10/100 times Design-Win than traditional.

  • Innovation Hardware Mall

    Supporting small-quantity quick purchases, inquiry and delivery, and sample services help suppliers accurately target customers. Sekorm provides an independent material management system, and is equipped with a professional service team to help promote the brand.

  • Discount Mall

    Through the platform's strong brand appeal and more than 12 million visitors per year, it can achieve full network marketing, helping suppliers to improve the operation and processing capabilities of "idle materials", and allowing idle inventory to flow.

  • Sekorm seminars with thousands of participants

    24 times per year, each with more than 1,000 people attended ,each covering TOP1000 customers, involving industries such as industry, automotive, Internet of Things, communications and 5G, equipment, automation, etc.

  • Technical Resource Service

    Manage and publish product technology application data on the platform, for efficient use by R&D engineers, and cover full search engines, auto-Notification and subscription like PCN/EOL

  • FAQ

    Quick response to technical and business questions of engineers through the Internet, Strong digital marketing capabilities covering the entire internet .

  • Free laboratory Services

    IoT radio frequency, EMI interference, RC parameters, low power consumption test, electromagnetic shielding room, automated dispensing, chip programming, thermal simulation, PCB design software, etc.

  • Processing and customization Services

    Sensor customization, display customization, connector customization, PCB allegro customization, SMT processing, cutting processing, mold processing, inductance transformer customization, motor and fan customization, RF microwave device customization.

  • SEM

    Efficient and low-cost search keyword operation, wide coverage long-tail keywords. Make supplier ahead of the competitor

  • SEO

    Credible and effective content promotion, priority to present on search page.

  • Supplier cooperation

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