The CC2XX series ceramic chip fuse of DA Technology has been successfully applied to the over-current protection of electronic cigarettes

2021-09-23 电安科技
ceramic chip fuse,CC202,CC212,CC2XX

Electronic cigarettes, also known as virtual cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, are mainly used to quit smoking and replace cigarettes. It has the same appearance as cigarettes, a similar taste to cigarettes, and even a lot more flavor than ordinary cigarettes. It can also suck out smoke, taste and feel like cigarettes. E-cigarettes do not contain other harmful ingredients such as tar and suspended particles in cigarettes. In the era of increasing awareness of smoking cessation, electronic cigarettes stand out among various cigarette alternatives with high performance, high quality and high market competitiveness, bringing huge economic benefits and reducing the impact of second-hand smoke on people around them.


Generally, electronic cigarettes are mainly composed of a pipe containing nicotine , an atomizer, a control circuit, and a lithium battery. The power supply of the atomizer comes from a lithium battery. Due to the inherent instability of lithium ion, it is more sensitive to temperature, current, and voltage. It is usually necessary to add a charge and discharge management circuit to detect and manage its charge and discharge. A typical charge and discharge management circuit is generally composed of a two-pole protection circuit. The primary protection is realized by the control of charging& discharging MOS which is controlled by either Li- Battery management IC or MCU. the secondary protection is usually connected in series with fuse in the main circuit of the lithium battery to prevent overcurrent or short in the circuit when the control chip fails. Under abnormal conditions, the fuse is blown in time to disconnect the circuit. If the fuse is not used to cut off the circuit in time, the heat generated by the circuit will most likely cause damage to the product or even fire.


Regarding this, DA Technology has launched various SMD type fuses with package 0402 0603 1206. It is stringed between the Li-battery and the electronic cigarette circuit, which can protect the above-mentioned over-current and short-circuit conditions effectively.

Application diagram of CC212/CC202 in electronic cigarettes:


The appearance of CC212/CC202 series



1. Ampere rating is from 0.63-30A

2. Slow blow, withstand voltage up to 72VDC

3. SMD 0603/1206 package, all series have passed UL certification, certification number is E500586

4. Meet the requirements of AEC-Q200 vehicle regulations

5. Wide operating temperature range -50℃~+125℃

6. Rohs compliance and halogen-free

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