The TVS protection array TPA3304P8 in the miniaturized DFN2626 SMD package of DA Technology used for RJ45, the line-to-line capacitance value is as low as 2pF

2021-09-28 电安科技
TVS protection array,TPA3304P8

The TPA3304P8 TVS protection array launched by DA Technology is an ESD protection device widely used in RJ45 ports, 10/100/1000M Ethernet and other products. The TPA3304P8 TVS protection array is a silicon-based product, using a miniaturized DFN2626 package, which can protect 2 pairs of network differential lines at the same time. The pulse power is 450W (8/20u waveform), the Vrwm voltage is 3.3V, and the operating temperature is -55~125℃. It has excellent clamping ability, low reverse leakage current, and the typical capacitance value between lines is 2pF. The ESD protection capacity of IEC61000-4-2 standard is ±30KV for air and ±25KV for contact, which meets the environmental protection requirements of Rohs and lead-free.

Pin information of TPA3304P8:

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