DA Technology ESD protection array TPA143L05 applied to USB2.0 port protection

2021-10-07 电安科技
ESD protection array,TPA143L05

USB (Universal Serial Bus, abbreviation: USB) is a commonly used interface, which is widely used in computers and mobile devices in modern life. It has 4 wires, one power wire, and two signal wires,one ground, so the signal can be transmitted serially.The speed of USB2.0 can be reach 480Mbps, which is widely used in industry and telecom. The voltage of the USB2.0 interface is: +5V, and the current: up to 1A. However, in actual application environment, the maximum voltage cannot exceed +/-0.2V, which is 4.8-5.2V. The USB chip is highly integrated, but very fragile. Once it is attacked by ESD, it is easily damaged. Meanwhile, signal loss is not permitted during high-speed signal transmission. Therefore, the designer needs to consider suppressing transient overvoltage caused by ESD to ensure transmission quality and product reliability.

For this application, DA released a SOT143 packaged ESD protection array TPA143L05, which has ESD protection capabilities of ±15KV for contact discharge and ±20KV for air discharge.Its appearance and Pin layout as followings.

The protection principle is that when the instantaneous voltage exceeds the operating voltage of the transient suppression diode, the TVS will have an avalanche, providing a low impedance path for the transient current, so that the instantaneous current is discharged from the low impedance path, avoiding the protected device, and the low impedance discharge state is maintained during the continuous process of overvoltage. When the instantaneous pulse ends, the TVS automatically returns to the high-impedance state, and the entire circuit back to the normal voltage.

The typical connection of the circuit is shown in the figure below.

Electronic Characteristics as follows:

1. SMD SOT143 package

2. Off-state voltage VRWM: 5.0V

3. Low leakage current IR: 1µA

4. Clamping voltage VC: 10V

5. Junction capacitance: 0.65pF


laptop; Desktop PC; Network printer; Automobile USB interface; Multimedia sound; Mobile handheld electronic equipment; Other devices with USB2.0 interface.

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