Bringing the Smallest Miniature Bridge Rectifier New Package IBS, Zhejiang TRR Microelectronics Inc. and Sekorm Announced a Distribution Agreement

2022-07-11 Sekorm
diodes,transistors,MOSFETs,field effect transistors

In order to meet the demand for further miniaturization of discrete component packaging in electronic terminals, TRR(明德微) has launched a new package IBS of the  smallest miniature bridge rectifier. This package is currently the smallest package size in the field of miniature bridge rectifiers, with a total length and width of 3.35mm and a height of 1.66mm. Compared with the current mainstream MBF package, it reduces the footprint by 65%, saving space and ensuring In order to ensure a safe creepage distance, it can be applied to various miniaturized rectifier circuits. The maximum average rectifier current under rated conditions has three options: 0.3A, 0.5A, and 0.8A, which conform to the RoHS standard.

TRR's other first product based on the new intelligent digital switching power supply technology is a 1000W digital switch, which meets the IP67 level standard, can adapt to outdoor and harsh environments, and has high reliability. It adopts the newly developed adaptive frequency conversion technology. It maintains a relatively high-efficiency state under different working conditions, high efficiency and energy saving, and the full load efficiency is 97.5%. The new thermal ground drive technology greatly reduces the EMI radiation of the thermal base plate.

On November 11, 2021, TRR reached strategic cooperation with Sekorm, authorizing Sekorm to represent its diodes, transistors, MOSFETs, field-effect transistors, rectifier bridge stacks, and other products. The latest products of TRR have been launched on the platform, landing on the platform You can search for relevant product information, apply for free samples, and enjoy supply guarantees.

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