Applied Power Microelectronics and Sekorm Announced a Distribution Agreement that Brings ESD, Surge Protection Devices, Diodes and More

2022-09-28 Sekorm
TVS,high-performance transient voltage suppressor,ESD,surge protection devices

Founded in 2012, Applied Power Microelectronics focuses on the field of high-performance power semiconductors, and has completed the development of more than 200 high-performance power MOSFETs and circuit protection products, including ESD and surge protection devices, diodes, and small-signal transistors, MOSFETs, power management ICs, radio frequency, and wireless ICs, etc. The capacitance of the high-performance transient voltage suppressor (TVS) product series independently developed by microelectronics should be as low as 0.2pF, the minimum breakdown voltage is 2.7V, and the IPP covers 1000W to 5000W. The voltage of silicon MOSFETs ranges from 20V to 800V.

The product information of Applied Power Microelectronics has been launched on the platform including its data manual, and a model selection guide. You can shop for the latest products and enjoy a supply guarantee.

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