SG Micro Corp (SGMICRO) and Sekorm Announced a Distributor Agreement that Brings High Performance, High Quality Analog ICs

2021-12-01 Sekorm
high-precision data converters,high-precision operational amplifiers,power management chips,audio and video drivers

As the Top10 IC design company in China, SG Micro Corp (SGMICRO) signed a distributor agreement with Sekorm. SGMICRO offers power management and signal chain products up to more than 1,000 in 16 categories, including high-precision data converters, high-precision operational amplifiers, power management chips, audio and video drivers, and analog switches, all of which comply with RoHS standards and Green environmental protection standards. These products are widely use in many fields, such as: industrial automation, medical equipment, motor control, optical modules, power supply systems, instrumentation, smart home, grid automation, communications, automotive electronics, IoT devices, wearable devices, etc. 

Users can directly search for product information and enjoy authenticity guarantee and supply guarantee.

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