55 Top Electronic Materials Brands Authorized Sekorm as Main Distributor

2023-05-16 Sekorm
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In order to enrich the choice of electronic materials for Hard & Core Technology enterprises, SEKORM has continuously expanded its electronic material brand. At present, Sekorm is an authorized distributor of 40 electronic material brands.

In terms of brand selection, in 2022, Sekorm newly sign a global leader in thermoelectric cooling and temperature control devices - Laird Thermal Systems, a leader in domestic semiconductor thermoelectric technology solutions and application products - Fuxin, China's foamed material industry leader- Xiangyuan New Material and other well-known material brands, which have enhanced the richness of Sekorm electronic material brands.

In addition, Sekorm also is an authorized distributor of many well-known material suppliers such as Parker Chomerics, ROGERS, AAVID, KYOCERA, II-VI MARLOW, Kangda New Materials, and CYBRID, which strengthens the resilience and maintains the reliability of the supply chain. Provide stable and safe supply chain services for hardware innovation enterprises.

From the perspective of categories, the electronic materials authorized by Sekorm have fully covered thermal conductive materials, conductive materials, insulating materials, ferrite materials, wave-absorbing materials, copper-clad laminates, magnetic materials, semiconductor refrigeration chips, epitaxial wafers, LED chips, amorphous magnetic powder cores, alloy materials, nano-coating materials, silicone products, resistance-reducing agents, ceramics, pipes and etc, the product echelon is further improved and is widely used in medical, automotive, communication, industrial, consumer electronics, and other fields.

It is well known in the industry that in the product development stage, due to the inconsistent size and thickness of components in the internal structure of electronic products, Hard & Core Technology enterprises need to choose a variety of matching electronic materials to ensure the use effect of electronic products.

As the leading hardware innovation R&D service platform, Sekorm helps hardware innovation enterprises choose more suitable electronic materials according to the individual needs of hardware innovation companies.

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