Rosenberger Signs an Authorized Distributor Agreement with Sekorm

2021-12-06 Sekorm
radio frequency connectors,radio frequency microwave connectors & adapters,cables and components,cable shielding tester

Rosenberger is a 60-year-old manufacturer of radio frequency and Fiber-optic communication technology. In the field of wireless communication network and 5G technology, Rosenberger has a full range of products which is required in the base station construction and signal coverage. Rosenberger has officially announced its entry into Sekorm e-commerce platform, authorized Sekorm distributing its radio frequency connectors, radio frequency microwave connectors & adapters, cables and components, cable shielding tester, etc. Sekorm has launched Rosenberger radio frequency connector and cable components, covering the DC to 110GHz frequencies, and providing custom service for connectors and cables. The technical data of these products have also been uploaded to the platform, where you can download the data for free. Sekorm guarantee 100% genuine sales, providing you with small batch purchase with a low limit down to 1 and support the day you made the purchase delivery.

You can also use the selection help service. Sekorm and the original factory application and technical experts will make an immediate respond within 48 hours to help you quickly complete the 5G field radio frequency connector and cable components selection.

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