Shenzhen Kinghelm Electron, a Professional Manufacturer of Microwave RF Antenna and Electrical Signal Connector, Announced a Distribution Agreement with Sekorm

2022-09-19 Sekorm
Beidou navigation modules,GPS navigation modules,antennas,positioning trackers

On April 7, 2022, Shenzhen Kinghelm Electron signed a distribution agreement with Sekorm to represent its products.


Shenzhen Kinghelm Electron is engaged in the research, development, production and sales of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System and IoT terminal hardware, and provides customers with logistics information intelligent platform solutions. It is a national high-tech and dual software certification company. The products of Shenzhen Kinghelm Electron include Beidou navigation modules or GPS navigation modules, various antennas, positioning trackers, intelligent hardware for vehicles, etc. It has established cooperative relations with well-known companies such as BYD and CNHTC. The working frequency of its GPS antenna/BD antenna is 1561/1575MHz with 20MHz bandwidth, and the gain is 4.0 ± 0.5dBi. The characteristic impedance of the RF connector is 50 Ω, the insulation withstand voltage is over 1000V, and it can adapt to the temperature environment of – 55 to +155 ℃.


The relevant products information of Shenzhen Kinghelm Electron has been launched on Sekorm. If there are more product needs, you can access more product information by searching for Shenzhen Kinghelm Electron on the platform.

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