Bringing Intelligent Offline Voice Interaction MCU and More, SPACETOUCH and Sekorm Announced a Distribution Agreement

2022-09-09 Sekorm
MCU,intelligent human-computer interaction chips,AI chip,the ultra-low power consumption voice control Chip

SPACETOUCH, which provides intelligent human-computer interaction chips and solutions for wearable devices, reached cooperation with Sekorm and authorized Sekorm to represent its products on March 23, 2022. SPACETOUCH has entered the AI chip market from touch and voice, focusing on the realization of the end-side intelligent interaction master chip platform.

With the maturity of the AI edge computing market based on the end-side IOT, the ultra-low power consumption voice control Chip SPV30 of SPACETOUCH can complete voice wake-up and voice recognition with extremely low power consumption, and realize the voice control functions of Bluetooth headsets and intelligent wearables. Chip SPV30 is based on UDSP plus NPU audio processing hardware acceleration core, adopts a self-developed voice AI noise reduction, and recognition algorithm, and realizes recognition of more than 50 command words with extremely low power consumption. The lowest power consumption of scheme-level applications is less than 20μA. The operating power consumption is about 600μA.

SPACETOUCH 's products cover in-ear detection chips, intelligent offline voice interaction MCU, high-performance touch MCU, low-power intelligent offline voice interaction MCU, etc. All product information has been launched on Sekorm, the selection guide and technical data can be viewed on the platform for details.

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