Skylab, a Professional Wireless Module Manufacturer in China, Announced a Distribution Agreement with Sekorm

2022-08-12 世强
GNSS positioning modules,WiFi modules,Bluetooth modules

Skylab is a professional wireless module manufacturer in China. Its module products strictly follow the ISO-9001 quality management system and IATF-16949 quality standard system of the automotive industry, and have passed the German TUV South Germany certification, with a pass rate of 99.99%. It has signed a distributor agreement with Sekorm, and its full line of GNSS, WiFi, Bluetooth modules, and other products have been launched to Sekorm.


Sekorm provides data manuals, application notes, and new product information for GNSS positioning modules, WiFi modules, Bluetooth modules, and other products. For the selection of wireless modules for automotive electronics, smart home, IoT, consumer electronics, and indoor and outdoor positioning, welcome to submit type selection assistance. Any demand will be responded to within 48 hours. In addition, just fill in the detailed wireless module project information, you can get free wireless module samples on the platform after the review.

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