Wireless Module Solution Provider of Internet of Things,Shenzhen Vollgo Technology Announced a Distribution with Sekorm

2022-12-23 Sekorm
wireless modules,Bluetooth modules,RF antennas,wireless demo boards

Shenzhen Vollgo Technology officially signed a distribution with Sekorm, authorizing Sekorm to represent its Bluetooth modules, RF antennas, wireless demo boards and other products.

Shenzhen vollgo Technology provides Internet of Things wireless interconnection communication modules and intelligent wireless product solutions, with Sub1G, 2.4G, LoRa, Blue-mesh, ZigBee, Wi-Fi and other wireless modules and solutions. In the field of intelligent IoT, the spread spectrum LoRa remote module and the spread spectrum DSSS remote module, which use the unique LoRa and DSSS spread spectrum technology of the chip, have stronger anti-jamming capability, and are compatible with multiple modulation methods FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRa, DSSS and OOK modulation, supporting multi frequency points 170MHz/433MHz/470MHz/868MHz/915MHz. The transmit power reaches 22dBm under conventional parameters, receive sensitivity reaches-148dBm, and communication transmission distance is longer. The transmission distance can reach more than 5km. Low power consumption of Bluetooth BLE module reaches 1μA. Acceptance sensitivity up to -103dBm@125kBps, BLE5.0, size up to 11.5*10.0mm.

Users can directly obtain the product information, technical information, official data, etc. of Shenzhen vollgo Technology, and enjoy the guarantee of authentic products and supply on Sekorm.

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