Xiangtai Electronics Announced a Distribution with Sekorm, Enriching the Capacitor Products

2022-11-11 世强
components,Y capacitors,ceramic chip capacitors,varistors

Sekorm announced a distribution with XIANGTAI ELECTRONICS, which enriched its capacitor product line. Products of Xiangtai Electronics, technical information, and technical support services can be obtained from Sekorm.

Xiangtai Electronics has a number of products with UL, VDE, CQC, KC, CE, and other safety certificates, with excellent performance, stability, and reliability. Its main products include Y capacitors, ceramic chip capacitors, varistors, X2 capacitors, thermistors, electrolytic capacitors, polyester capacitors, metalized capacitors, etc., which can be widely used in home appliances, power supplies, chargers, adaptors, monitoring equipment, meters, cars, sound, LED lights, and other fields.

On the capacitor product line, in addition to domestic capacitors, Sekorm also has capacitor products of international famous brands including NIPPON CHEMI-CON, Kyocera, Kendeil, Wima, etc., which can meet various needs of customers. Moreover, Sekorm can provide a full range of components including integrated circuits, discrete components, resistance-capacitance inductors, electronic materials, components, instruments, and other types of components, with a large number of spot stocks. Small batch purchases can be delivered on the same day. Large batch purchases have the advantages of price and stable supply.

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