Horizon Robotics, a Global Leader in Edge AI Chips, Announced a Distribution Agreement with Sekorm

2022-07-13 Sekorm
AI chips

The edge artificial intelligence chip brand Horizon Robotics(地平线) recently authorized Sekorm to create an e-commerce business, becoming the 224th brand of Sekorm.

Horizon Robotics is the first AI chip manufacturer in China to adopt the 16nm process, and its products have a good ISP engine and strong computing power per unit power consumption. Horizon Robotics's Journey® 3 and Rising Sun® 3 can both achieve an equivalent computing power of 5TOPS. In addition, Horizon Robotics has independently developed open and easy-to-use edge AI chips and solutions, providing a complete solution of "chip + algorithm IP + development platform" for intelligent driving and broader general AI applications. Horizon has reached cooperative relations with domestic and foreign companies such as Changan, Hongqi, Audi, SAIC, GAC, BYD, and Bosch.

The cooperation between Horizon Robotics and Sekorm has brought AI chips and a complete algorithm library and development toolchain to R&D engineers, which can help engineers effectively improve R&D efficiency and accelerate product iterative innovation.

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