World Battery Giant-Maxell Signed an Authorized Distributor Agreement with Sekorm

2021-12-13 Sekorm
Lithium ion rechargeable battery,button rechargeable lithium battery,silver oxide battery,primary lithium battery alkaline battery

Maxell is a subsidiary of Hitachi Group, a global top 500 integrated multinational group. It is not only the first enterprise in Japan to develop and produce alkaline batteries, floppy disks and other products, but also provides power equipment for a variety of emerging products. Maxell occupies an absolutely dominant position in the micro battery market. Maxell's battery manufacturing technology is the world's leading, with great safety and reliability.

Sekorm is an official authorized distributor, acting as a distributor for its full range of products, such as Lithium ion rechargeable battery, button rechargeable lithium battery, silver oxide battery and primary lithium battery alkaline battery. Users can directly search product information and enjoy genuine product guarantee and supply guarantee.

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