Sekorm, an Authorized Distributor of 1000 Brands, Reduces the Cost Drastically on the Basis of Satisfying Supply and Reliability

2023-05-16 Sekorm
integrated circuits,discrete&passive components,electromechanical components,motors

In recent years, the safe, independent, and controllable supply chain has stimulated the demand for the domestic semiconductor industry. The localization of the semiconductor industry has ushered in huge development opportunities. The localization of equipment, materials, and parts has accelerated, and related companies have sprung up into the public eye.

But for Hard & Core Technology enterprises, it is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack to find a supplier that not only conforms to the product design but also guarantees mass production in a short period of time. As the leading hardware R&D  service platform, SEKORM provided Domestic electronic components for Hard & Core Technology enterprises with high performance, high cost performance, and stable supply.

On the one hand, Sekorm continuously improves the number of authorized brands to ensure the diversity of Hard & Core Technology enterprises' procurement and provide a faster way for its one-stop procurement. As of February 2023, Sekorm has obtained more than 800 domestic authorized brands of integrated circuits, discrete&passive components, electromechanical components, motors, electronic materials, and instruments, with rich product types, complete models, and large spot stocks.

Not only that, before authorizing cooperation, it will strictly screen suppliers to ensure product stability, and at the same time have stable supply capabilities to meet the localization needs of Hard & Core Technology enterprises components.

Through the rapid matching analysis of massive users and needs, combined with 30 years of accumulated semiconductor industry resources, Sekorm continues to provide transparent and efficient material procurement and industrial value-added services for Hard & Core Technology enterprises, helping hard technology companies meet supply and reliability requirements Under the premise of reliability, the cost of materials will be greatly reduced, and the process of localization and substitution of electronic components will be accelerated.

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