Eaton authorizes Sekorm to distribute inductors, fuses, TVS tubes, super capacitors, power modules and other products

2021-07-13 Sekorm

In June, Eaton, a global diversified power management company, signed an authorization distribution agreement with Sekorm, authorizing it to distribute of inductors, fuses, TVS tubes, super capacitors, power modules and other products.

Eaton, founded in 1911, is a leader in power product solutions such as electrical and hydraulic power products in the global market. Its product solutions are widely distributed all over the world. Among them, Eaton’s automotive-grade integrated molded inductors are only 2~22mm in size, which can support 155 degrees high temperature, low EMI, and current-carrying capacity >100A. In addition, its full range of ESD protection devices has passed AEC-Q200 vehicle certification. The working voltage can support up to 30V, and the current consumption is as low as 0.1nA. In addition, it can support working voltage range of 5V~450V, high peak power TVS tubes, packaging of 0201~4032, fuse with a maximum current up to 1200A and other products.

This cooperation not only enriches users' choice of inductors, capacitors, circuit protection and other products, but also provides guarantee for supply.

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