Bringing WIFI RF Front-end Chips, Low-noise Amplifiers, 5G Small Base Station RF Chips, CHIPBETTER Announced a Distribution with Sekorm

2022-11-04 Sekorm
WIFI RF front-end chips,low-noise amplifiers,5G small base station RF chips,IoT 2.4G power amplifiers

CHIPBETTER and Sekorm reached cooperation on January 29, 2022, and CHIPBETTER authorized Sekorm to represent its WIFI RF front-end chips, low-noise amplifiers, 5G small base station RF chips, IoT 2.4G power amplifiers, and other products. 

With the arrival of the 5G era, the demand for RF customization has greatly increased. CHIPBETTER is a national production and chemical domestic RF company, focusing on the wireless communication RF device industry. It carries out product research and development in 5G, Wi-Fi, IoT, and other directions. It has comprehensive RF test equipment and is equipped with WB cleanrooms, micro assembly, and test laboratories. Its products are widely used in intelligent equipment, 5G micro base stations, Bluetooth, and other fields. Products of CHIPBETTER have been launched on the platform. Search for more product information.

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