●Since 1930, our guideline"The safe contact worldwide" has been a synonym both for high-quality and innovative connection technology for luminaires and electrical appliances as well as for a reliable, quick and individual customer care worldwide.
●Also in the digital age, we will continue to follow our philosophy. One of the results are many product innovations with which you are well equipped for the future. The new printed catalogue you now hold in your hands is the ideal supplement to all information that is now available in digital form. It provides an outline of our broad product range of connection solutions for our target industries, highlights the most important advantages for customers and navigates with pictures and headlines to more than 2,000 articles which you can find on our homepage.


AC 166AC 164AC 162160163LCS 75AC 166 GBUFAC 166 GSTFAC 166 ALCGSAC 166 ALCGBAC 166 VLCGAC 166 NLGB/3AC 166 VSFAC 166 GVTAC 166 CVTAC 166 GST/3 SK IIAC 166 GUB/3 SK IIAC 166 GSTAC 166 GBUAC 166 GSTLHAC 166 GBULHAC 166 GSTLVAC 166 GBULVRIAC ST/8BU/8AC 166-1/ .. ZELAC 166 GKU/3AC 166 VSEAC 166 VSLAC 164 STFAC 164 BUFAC 164 ALSSAC 164 ALSBAC 164 VLSAC 164 STAC 164 BUAC 164 ESTAC 164 EBUAC 164 BC / ..AC 164 ST/ ..AC 164 BU/ ..AC 164 VT .. / ..AC 164 VT/ ..AC 162 STS/ 2 LEDAC 162 ALS LEDAC 162 VLS LEDAC 162 VT/ 3-1 LEDAC 162 STS/2AC 162 ALCAC 162 VLCAC 162 KV 6163 ST/ ..160 BU/ ..s160/ .. ZEL163/ ..ABKLCS 75/3LCS 45LEDtrack ST/11LEDtrack TAP/11 ..LEDtrack ZELLEDtrack ABKLEDtrack POD/11LK 980-01 RZ/ ..LK 980-01/ ..930-02/ ..930-00/ ..ZEL 900900-07/ ..900-07 RZ/ ..900 ED900 Q/ ..900 Q RZ/ ..900 EQ900 EQ ZEL900 Q/ 1A230/ ..500/ ..1000/ ..1500/ ..2000/ ..230 K/ ..500 K/ ..1000 K/ ..500 RZ/ ..500 LRZ/ ..500 SK II/ ..500 SKT II/ ..131/ 2157/ ..153/ 2PM/ ..LCB 50/ ..ZEL 110230 BZ/ ..500 BZ/ ..1000 BZ/ ..503 Si/ ..1003 Si/ ..900 Si/ 1ABK 503/ ..RKW 14 mini O/ ..RKW 14 FO/ ..RKW 110/ 2RKW 14 Si O- ..TC 2523/ ..TC 2523 Si- ..DK 4 OSMDblank/ 1SMDflat 545/ ..SMDflat 345/ ..SMDflat 345 KU/ ..LEDtrack BU/ ..



LED ModulesSMD ConnectorsPlug and Socket SystemPlug and Socket ConnectorsLEDtrackScrewless ConnectorsTransformer Connectors(Pluggable) PCB ConnectorsScrew ConnectorsScrew-Screwless ConnectorsFused ConnectorsConnecting System


LED modules ]printed circuit boards ]power supply ]furniture ]displays ]luminaires ]booth construction ]retail lighting ]building installation ]object lighting ]interior lighting ]advertising lighting ]switch cabinet lighting furniture ]electrical installation up to 48 V ]connection of LED spots ]roller shutters ]inside luminaire connection ]connecting base for wall lighting ]home appliances ]moisture ]proof luminaires ]industrial lighting ]parking garages ]warehouses ]production halls/warehouses ]super market illumination ]switch cabinet heaters ]switch cabinet fans ]ballasts ]installation connection boxes ]mirror cabinet ]street lighting protection class II ]object lighting with high ambient temperatures ]switch cabinet lighting ]small home appliances ]large appliances, white goods ]fans ]heating and air conditioning devices ]pumps ]vending machines ]electric tools ]valuable luminaires ]fully-automatic coffee machines ]storage water heaters ]transformers ]mains filter ]testing equipment ]LED drivers ]automation technology ]measurement and control technology ]


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