CLICK Signed an Authorized Distributor Agreement with Sekorm

2021-12-08 Sekorm
transformers,magnetic components and switching power supplies,switching power supply magnetic components,DC charging pile magnetic components

CLICK is the first domestic listed company with transformers as the main body, and a world-renowned supplier of magnetic components and power supply technology solutions. In the field of transformers, magnetic components and switching power supplies, Klick has accumulated its own core design, R&D, and manufacturing technology advantages, and has a complete set of modern power verification and testing laboratories(such as EMI, EMS, HALT vibration, etc.). Products of the company including magnetic components such as transformers, inductors and switching power supply. Applications cover various switching power supplies, DC charging piles, photovoltaic inverters, energy storage inverters, consumer electronics, commercial electronics, lighting electronics, communications, etc.

Sekorm is an official authorized first-level distributor, distributing its full range of products, including switching power supply magnetic components, DC charging pile magnetic components, photovoltaic inverter magnetic components, wireless power tool battery chargers, etc. Free samples and related technical information can be obtained by applying online. Welcome to order the latest products and enjoy the supply guarantee.

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