Taoglas Signed a Distribution Agreement With Sekorm

2021-12-07 Sekorm
all-in-one external antennas,cellular antennas,GNSS antennas,IoT antennas

Taoglas is a global leader in high-performance surface-mount antenna solutions for M2M and the Internet of Things, and Decawave's designated antenna solution provider for professional indoor positioning in the industry. It is also the first supplier on the market to provide automotive-approved SMT GPS patch antenna products and unique multi-band cellular antennas. Taoglas can provide antennas made of advanced ceramics, FR4, metal, fiberglass, PTFE, polyester film and flexible PCB, and are not limited by the antenna frequency. Its surface mount antennas and flexible embedded products It has unique characteristics and advantages in the industry.

Taoglas signed an distribution agreement with Sekorm, providing all-in-one external antennas, cellular antennas, GNSS antennas, IoT antennas, etc.

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